Project Description

Creating and implementing a professional bid process

Following a downturn in the bid success rate, RM Education asked Sue to review recent submissions and advise where improvements could be made.

RM’s immediate reaction had been to focus on the quality of the bid documentation; however the “bid” was symptomatic of an over emphasis on product features and a lack of focus on the customer and their requirements.

Sue included the need to address this in a much wider programme of improvement recommendations.

Over a period of 4 months, Sue worked with the team to implement a new, structured approach to bid management and a focus on gaining a better understanding of the customer and the development of propositions.

As the written submission success rate improved and RM started to win more business, Sue was asked to review the interview preparation process.

Again a lack of customer focussed communication was highlighted as a problem, as well as the recognition of a need to adequately prepare a team. Sue introduced a more disciplined approach, which in turn delivered success.