See your business through a different lens

All businesses are unique in their make-up and the challenges they face. We work with clients to understand and address these challenges, defining the optimal strategy for future success and indeed, what success looks like. This may involve a new focus for the business; taking a new or revised product or service to market or finding sources of new customers and developing customer-focused propositions to attract them.

Our clients tell us they welcome our objectivity and broad industry experience, which frees up their thinking, allowing them to see their business through a different lens and with a new determination or motivation.

A comprehensive, flexible and modular approach

We don’t believe in ‘off-the-shelf solutions’ – they simply don’t work. We do believe in robust processes that provide the answers to the ‘killer questions’. For example: What makes your business different? What do your customers really want? What do you need to do to deliver sustainable growth?

Typically, we see three distinct phases that we can provide as stand-alone services or be combined to best meet the business needs. From a forensic review of the current situation and the development of a new or revised business strategy, through detailed business development plans, to new propositions with go-to-market plans.


We kick-start our strategy projects with a clear understanding of your current strategy, customers, market trends and competitors, then we help to define the best model going forward.

A typical strategy phase could include:

  • ‘Business now’ audit
  • Business modelling
  • Value propositions
  • Customer ‘pains and gains’
  • Brand positioning


With a real understanding of your current situation, what makes your business different and your customers' needs, we can work with you to plan how and where your business can successfully grow.

Business growth programmes could include:

  • Growth planning
  • Market / customer segments
  • Portfolio management
  • Customer ‘Sales channels’
  • Competitor benchmarking


We turn business strategy and planning into practical go-to-market actions, developing new propositions to attract new customers and deliver growth.

A typical propositions phase could include:

  • ‘Product positioning
  • Brand storytelling
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing communications
  • Content development

Does your business need    an injection of clarity?

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