Effective Bid Management

We know that irrespective of the client or sector, the essential characteristic of a winning bid is your explicit knowledge of your customer’s requirement; an understanding of your strengths; and how this can be articulated to reflect their needs – and that requires planning and preparation.

We understand and evangelise the importance of preparation in all aspects of opportunity management from identification to submission. We support clients by introducing well-defined and sensibly applied processes which support successful bid management. Our structured approach removes semantics and provides all stakeholders with an environment where they can work effectively to develop high-scoring responses.

High-Scoring Responses

We understand the rigour required to effectively produce a bid submission; working as a team to progressively develop answers from an initial draft to a highly polished final piece.

We appreciate the nuances of high-scoring responses and how to ensure that they both effectively answer the question, as well as set your organisation apart from the competition.

We can work with you to produce work-winning submissions in the following ways:

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